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Black Friday sales – More iOS music apps join the bargain list

Wow - I'm not sure we have ever seen anything quite like the last few days in terms of iOS music apps at bargain prices. I've listed a number of those that have particularly caught my eye over the recent days but the initial rush has simply become a bit of an onslaught. Which is, of course, great if there are some apps you have had your eye on for a while, or if you are new to the whole iOS music app addiction thing, and are looking to build your app collection at a price that is even cheaper … [Read more...]

Svep launched – Klevgränd Produktion add a modulation effect to their iOS music app lineup

If you are a fan of audio effects apps then you may already own both SquashIt and VanDelay from Klevgränd Produktion. SquashIt is an audio effect app that provides a three-band distortion effect and, what it lacks in masses of controls, it makes up for is sound and ease of use. VanDelay uses a similar three-band configuration but this time applies it to a delay effect. It's a brilliant little app and, while you can use a single band to do fairly conventional delay/echo effects, when you use … [Read more...]

Xynthesizr sale – Yuri Turov’s step-based sequencer/synthesizer joins the Black Friday fun

I'm begining to wonder if there are any of the leading iOS music apps that are not on sale for Black Friday :-) As I've posted previously, I think Yuri Turov's rather interesting Xynthesizr universal iOS music app is a lot of fun. In essence, Xynthesizr offers a streamlined 32-step-based pattern sequencer and synthesizer engine. You can, however, also output your sequences for playback on other iOS synths (or record the MIDI data into another sequencer/DAW). In essence, Xynthesizr offers a … [Read more...]

Nave sale – Waldorf’s brilliant wavetable synth at a bargain price

Isn't Thanksgiving and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing just mad? A pre-Christmas spending splurge is pretty much guaranteed with so many app developers seem to run sale promotions on their apps in the run up to the holidays in order to tempt us to treat ourselves to an early present or two. And latest off the line are Waldorf who are currently offering the rather wonderful Nave at UK£6.99 rather than the more usual UK£13.99. Nave is a brilliant virtual synth with an amazing interface and … [Read more...]

iSymphonic Orchestra sale – base app and IAP 40% today only

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, Crudebyte's iSymphonic Orchestra recieved a pretty substantial update to v.1.1.1 recently. I did a full review of the app about a week after it was released. Priced at UK£37.99 and with a fairly hefty 600+MB download, it perhaps wasn't going to ever be a casual purchase for your iOS music app collection but the updated added a set of 14 new patches within the base app (so 24 patches in total) and, if you want more, there was a further set of 19 sounds … [Read more...]

B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro SALE – MonoPlugs step-based MIDI sequencer for iOS currently 50% off

I was both impressed and intrigued when I first saw Monoplug's B-Step Sequencer back in April of this year. At one level, this is a 16-step-based step sequencer with four lanes of notes where a project can consist of up to 16 patterns and where you can also sequence those patterns into an overall arrangement. However, at another level, this is quite unconventional as it is, apparently, inspired by a bass guitar and the four lanes of notes are tuned to a specific chord. This means that, once … [Read more...]

Korg Module launched – new high-quality IOS sound module hits the App Store with launch pricing

Korg already have an impressive array of iOS music apps available on the App Store. I use a number of these on a regular basis with Gadget perhaps being my favourite. However, they are all excellent and I'm also a big fan of the iMS-20 and iKaosillator. Anyway, as Korg announced a week or so ago, their next iOS offering was to be Korg Module for iPad, a 'sound module' app that, initially at least, looks like it will focus of a particular range of keyboard sounds but do those at very high … [Read more...]

GuitarCapo+ update – versatile app for guitar players from Tonapp As moves to v.3

I did a full review of the iOS music app GuitarCapo+ from developer Tonapp As back in June here on the Music App Blog. As I pointed out then, GuitarCapo+ is part virtual instrument and part learning tool/chord utility for guitar players. In particular, in the latter context, it makes working out chord shapes when you want to play a song with a capo in place on your real (you know, that thing with strings on it that you can strum) guitar a breeze and, for the theoretically challenged (that's me … [Read more...]

Fiddlewax Pro update – v.2.0 brings new features for song creation app

I reviewed the rather interesting Fiddlewax Pro (£UK13.99) a few weeks ago on the Music App Blog. As a tool set for capturing the basic nub of a song or tune idea though, Fiddlewax Pro could be an excellent choice. If you want to sketch out a chord progression and experiment with (harmonically correct!) melody lines and add in a groove to get a new composition started, then Fiddlewax have put together a very neat set of tools and managed to (just about) squeeze them all into a single … [Read more...]