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Fiddlewax Pro update – more new features for song creation app

I reviewed the rather interesting Fiddlewax Pro (£UK13.99) a few weeks ago on the Music App Blog. As a tool set for capturing the basic nub of a song or tune idea though, Fiddlewax Pro could be an excellent choice. If you want to sketch out a chord progression and experiment with (harmonically correct!) melody lines and add in a groove to get a new composition started, then Fiddlewax have put together a very neat set of tools and managed to (just about) squeeze them all into a single … [Read more...]

ScaleGen and Gestrument on sale – Halloween treats from Jesper Nordin

I've reviewed both Gestrument and ScaleGen here on the Music App Blog in the past. Gestrument is a firm favourite and has had a number of updates since my original review, while ScaleGen is a relatively recent release. If you have not tried either of these apps then they are certainly worth a look. Gestrument provides a powerful and intuitive MIDI performance interface that allows you to 'play' and create a musical performance, whether using the app's own collection of internal sounds or by … [Read more...]

Sector sale – Jonatan Liljedahl’s brilliant slice sequencer on sale for Halloween

I reviewed Jonatan Liljedahl's Sector when it was first released back in February. Sector is a bit of a difficult app to classify and describe but, in essence, it takes an audio loop, slices it (into 'sectors') and then allows you to reassemble and manipulate those sectors (slices) in various ingenious ways. If you are the kind of person that either likes to mangle their audio loops or who just wants to extract the absolute creative maximum from every audio loop in your collection, Sector is … [Read more...]

Audulus update – modular synthesis app from Subatomic Software gets new features in v.2.9

If you are the kind of person who likes to program their own synth patches then an iOS music app such as Audulus is pretty much the ultimate playground. Not only do you get to program your own patches but - because of the modular nature of the virtual instrument - you also get to build the synth engine in the first place. I first reviewed Audulus back in December 2013 and, while the app has had a number of significant updates since then (here and here for example), the basic principles remain … [Read more...]

VocalizeU update – vocal training app by DS Vocology gets iOS8 support

I posted a week or so ago about an update to Erol's Singer's Studio - a vocal training and exercise app - that provided support for iOS8. Perhaps the other really good vocal training app for iOS - VocalizeU - has now also been updated to provide full support for iOS8. VocalizeU v. 1.3.34 has hit the App Store today and the key element of the update is simply to ensure iOS8 compatibility. I originally reviewed VocalizeU back in May 2012 so this is an app that has been around on the App Store … [Read more...]

Vandelay giveaway results – 5 winners of Klevgränd Produktion’s creative delay app

I reviewed Vandelay from Klevgränd Produktion last week on the blog and was hugely impressed with the creative possibilities it provides. Feed it even the most simple of drum beats and, because of the three frequency bands that can each be allocated different delay times, you can create all sorts of interesting variations from it. It will also do conventional delay treatments if you just focus on a single band. The app sounds great and, with Audiobus, IAA and iOS8 support from the off, it is … [Read more...]

zMors giveaway results – 5 winners of analog modelling synth from Sven Braun

I first reviewed Sven Braun's iOS music app zMors just over a year ago here on the Music App Blog. zMors provides a virtual analog synth environment with four independent channels (that is, you have four instances of the synth engine built into a single app) so you can use up to four different sounds at any one time. Each of these synth channels has dual wave oscillators, an LFO, envelope and filter, while the oscillators have octave, tune, amp envelope, pan, mix (to balance between the two … [Read more...]

Flying Haggis giveaway – 5 winners of db audioware’s guitar amp sim

There are a number of very good guitar amp sim apps available for iOS and some of them, as well as sounding good, are also very well featured. However, if you like to keep things simple - perhaps you just like the 'classic' way of working involving an amp, a cab and a few stomp boxes then Flying Haggis might be more your thing. I reviewed this somewhat alternative take on the software recreation of a guitar rig when it was released back in March. While is is perhaps most obviously aimed at … [Read more...]

birdStepper update – birdSound bring iOS8 support to their creative audio effect app

I posted a review of birdSound's birdStepper iOS audio effects app a back in May. Perhaps the easiest way to describe birdStepper is as a creative multi-effects processor where the effects parameters can be modulated/automated in real-time over the course of a step-based sequence. The app is very easy to use and, with eight different effects that you can chain together, provides a huge range of creative options from audio processing. With Audiobus support from the off, it was also easy to use … [Read more...]