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Navichord review – beautiful chord and harmony exploration app

One of the things that is attractive to many users about mobile computing platforms is the fact that you can find lots of simple software. Unlike on the desktop, where your average application, as well as allowing you to type a letter, also allows you to email it 500 clients, translate it into 40 different languages, publish it as an e-book and make a hotel reservation for you, quite often apps just focus on one task. Not all apps mind…. but those that do, and do it well, are just a pleasure … [Read more...]

Opening DAWs – alternative DAW/sequencing apps for iOS8

I’ve confessed often enough that my iOS DAW of choice is Cubasis. As a personal choice this makes a lot of sense for me as I’m also a Cubase user on the desktop so the Cubasis interface feels instantly familiar… and, of course, it is a very good app in it’s own right. However, there are other iOS music apps that provide alternative – and very functional – recording environments and I did a roundup sometime ago of some of the more obvious contenders. However, even above this particular list, … [Read more...]

Robert Plant goes loopy – rock legend gets to grips with iOS music apps

As regular readers here will know, until my recent move to France, I lived a good chunk of my adult life in Scotland. However, I originally hail from the English Midlands and my 'rawk yoof' was strongly influenced by a number of the musicians that also come from that area. One of those is rock legend Robert Plant who still has a home not too far from a place called Stourbridge which is where several members of my family still live (he once bought my mum and her friend a cup of tea in a small … [Read more...]

Launchpad update – Novation add iOS8 compatibility to their loop-based music production app

I posted a full review of Novation's Launchpad when it was first released back in spring 2013. For those that like to mix and match loops as a creative music making option, Launchpad is a brilliant concept and, as the basic app is free to download, you can give it a try without having to make any commitment to a long term relationship. On first release, the main catch was that you were limited to either the initial included loop content (which was very good but obviously limited in terms of … [Read more...]

Cotracks giveaway results – 10 winners of Futucraft’s collaborative iOS music app

I reviewed Futucraft's excellent Cotracks music app some time ago and was really impressed with the idea and implementation of this 'musical collaboration' app where up to four users can jam together on a single iPad. As I posted a few days ago, Cotracks has just been updated on the App Store to v. 1.0.13 with new features such as overdub recording and a 'swing' option. And while the app has not yet been updated to the very latest Audiobus SDK to work with Audiobus under iOS8, it does seem to … [Read more...]

Thor update – Propellerhead bring Audiobus and IAA tweaks to their flagship iOS synth

Regular readers here will know that I'm a bit of a fan of Propellerhead's Thor - the iOS port of the same synth that is a well-established part of the Reason desktop music production system. Indeed, Thor is amongst my favourite iOS synths to date and it was a shoe-in to appear in my 'top 25 iOS music apps' guide. You can read the full review of Thor here but it is a powerful, deeply programmable virtual synth that is capable of a fabulous range of sounds. Whether used in a recording context … [Read more...]

Yonac sale – TODAY ONLY – Tonestack and Magellan included

As I've posted over the last week or so, developer Yonac has been busy working on updates for their iOS music apps including both Tonestack (their guitar amp sim) and Magellan (their flagship iOS synth). Tonestack attracted a lot of attention when it hit the iTunes App Store at the start of July. It sounds very good indeed - up there with the best of the guitar amp sim apps such as BIAS or Mobile POD - that iOS currently has to offer. Magellan is a bit of a classic in iOS music app terms and, … [Read more...]

BIAS update – Positive Grid bring some iOS8 tweaks

I posted earlier in the week about Positive Grid's update to JamUp Pro and which bought some optimisations for use under iOS8. As I suggested then, I didn't think it would be long before BIAS got the same treatment and v.1.5.3 duly arrived on the App Store today. The update brings a number of bug fixes and, in particular, addressed a crash issue that effected some users under iOS8. Running BIAS as a stand-alone app on my iOS8 equipped iPad Air seemed to go pretty smoothly once I'd applied the … [Read more...]

Impaktor giveaway – 10 copies of BeepStreet’s drum synthersizer up for grabs

As I posted yesterday, BeepStreet's rather excellent drum synthersizer app Impaktor has updated to provide iOS8 and Audiobus 2 support. This is a brilliant little app and well worth the UK2.99 entry fee; very playable and with sounds that sound great and contain great expression. I'd happily use it in any music production context. And while Impaktor's price tag means it is in the casual purchase category, if you have not yet hit the download button then, thanks to the generosity of Jaroslaw … [Read more...]