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Building an iPad recording studio; Part 9 – bare-bones and next step examples

In Part 8 of this series on building a iPad recording studio I outlined an example of what might make a solid, respectable, ‘starter kit’ – hardware and software – to sit around your actual iPad. A system such as this - not necessarily based on these exact items of equipment but items of a similar general standard – would allow you to make some decent recordings using both audio and MIDI and would give you plenty of creative options. However, as we saw in Part 8, when you do a budget for … [Read more...]

Building an iPad recording studio; Part 8 – How much does it cost to build an iPad recording studio?

We have covered a lot of ground in the first seven parts of this series. We have looked at how the concept of a DIY multi-track recording studio has evolved to the point where you can building such a system around the humble iPad (Part 1). In Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5, we have also looked at the key additional pieces of hardware you might need over and above the iPad itself; an audio/MIDI interface, a MIDI keyboard, a microphone and a monitoring system (although there are plenty of things we could … [Read more...]

Arctic ProSynth update – One Red Dog Media add Audiobus State Saving

I reviewed Arctic ProSynth (UK£6.99) from One Red Dog Media when it was first released and I was impressed by the combination of powerful, aggressive analog synth sounds and the balance struck between the degree of editing control offered and the ease with which that editing could be accessed. In addition, the interface is very well organised/structured and the controls big and chunky enough (and so easy to use) so that it is not a chore to experiment with. In short, if you are looking for a … [Read more...]

Earhoof update – Psicada add MIDI features to their novel virtual instrument

There are lots of what you might call ‘conventional’ virtual instruments available on the App Store; virtual pianos, software recreations of hardware synths, strum-able guitars, for example. However, Earhoof - from developer Psicada - and currently priced at UK£2.99,  is not one of them. I reviewed Earhoof back in June and, while it looks like some sort of virtual toaster, what you actually get is a rather intriguing - and very playable - rhythm instrument. The interface does take some … [Read more...]

Building an iPad recording studio; Part 7 – Choosing the right recording app for your iPad studio

So far in this series on building an iPad recording studio, we have looked at the key pieces of additional hardware you will need to consider (an audio and/or MIDI interface, a MIDI keyboard and/or controller, a microphone plus accessories and a monitoring system – all covered in Parts 2 to 5) and at some of the software you might wish to add (apps from the iTunes App Store – that was covered in Part 6). However, I’ve left the discussion of one app – the most important one – until now; the … [Read more...]

Building an iPad recording studio; Part 6 – All about apps; key apps required for your iPad studio

The list of additional hardware described in the earlier parts of this series on building an iPad recording studio – an audio/MIDI interface, a MIDI keyboard, a mic/mic stand/pop shield combination and some form of monitoring – is far from exhaustive, but it does perhaps represent the bare bones of what’s required to get you started. There is one other element of ‘equipment’ we also need to consider however; the software. What set of iOS music apps do we need to assemble to make a recording … [Read more...]

Audiobus sale – iOS music app ‘must have’ utility at a bargain price

Just briefly popping my head out of the relocation process so say 'hi' to regular readers here (this is the first post from my new 'home' although, at present, we are in temporary accommodation for a few days before getting into our 'proper' rental).....  and also to note the current Audiobus sale.... If you are interested in the possibility of making music on an iOS device, Audiobus - despite not making any sound of its own - is about as 'must have' an app as it is possible to get. This … [Read more...]

Building an iPad recording studio; Part 5 – Monitoring choices for your iPad studio

So far, in the first four parts of this series, we have looked at how the iPad fits into the wider context of the DIY recording studio (Part 1), why you need to consider an audio and/or MIDI interface to go alongside your iPad (Part 2) and factors to consider in selecting a suitable MIDI keyboard (Part 3) and microphone (Part 4) so you can get both MIDI and audio performances into your iPad studio system. However, if you are putting effort and money (even if a modest amount of money) into … [Read more...]

Building an iPad recording studio; Part 4 – Microphones for your iPad studio

In Part 2 of this series on building a multi-track recording studio around an iPad I looked at how you go about getting audio or MIDI data into your iPad. There is a key item of equipment needed to achieve this – an audio interface or a MIDI interface or an interface that combines both audio and MIDI connectivity – and this is something that you would need to budget for (I’ll get back to the issue of budgets later in the series) over and above your iPad and a few apps. If you do want to add … [Read more...]