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Oscilab launches – 2beat hit the App Store with sale pricing

There has been quite a bit of a buzz built up about the upcoming launch of Oscilab from developer 2beat. Oscilab - which requires iOS6.1 or later and runs on an iPad - is now available and I have to say it looks fabulous. The app provides a combination of electronic-style sounds based upon modelled analog synthesis, samples and drum sounds and, as is clear from the screen grabs shown here, the app's name is derived from the various 'virtual' oscilloscope displays you get of the oscillator … [Read more...]

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth – Secret Base Design release free version

Regular readers will recall that I reviewed Secret Base Design's Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth app when it was first launched and I also took a look at the Mac OSX version when that appeared a few weeks later. For those who have not tried Apollo yet, the iOS app allows you to transmit MIDI data in realtime between two iOS devices and, if you are an iOS musician who owns more than one iOS device, given the pocket money price, Apollo is no-brainer; it’s a brilliant concept and an excellent utility … [Read more...]

Master the muse – building an ‘ever-ready’ music app toolkit for your iPhone

If you subscribe to the Music App Blog email newsletter you might recall that a couple of weeks ago I asked subscribers to let me know what they thought was the biggest bottleneck to their iOS music creativity. I got a whole raft of different answers but there were two themes that cropped up above all the others as causes of productivity blocks. First, several readers suggested their key issue was being able to capture an idea quickly before the tiny spark of inspiration slipped away. … [Read more...]

dot Melody update – Olympia Noise Co make sense of the dots

I posted a review of the rather interesting dot Melody app from Olympia Noise Co. last month. This is the developer behind the excellent Chordion MIDI performance app so they have a good pedigree when it comes to innovative apps for iOS musicians. dot Melody can also be used to create MIDI performance data to trigger other synths or record in a MIDI sequencer. However the app also brings a compositional element in that you can create pattern-based parts for three instruments (dot Melody calls … [Read more...]

Synthecaster update – Daniel Resnick back with another new feature

One of the things I love about the world of iOS music apps is the access it gives a keen indie developer to compete alongside some of the bigger players. For us users this can often mean we get a wider range of apps to choose from and - just occasionally - something a bit more innovative and left-field. One other advantage you get with indie developers is that they can often be accessible and very responsive (OK, that's two advantages). I think you have to say that Daniel Resnick - the … [Read more...]

Meteor update – 4Pockets bring new features to their iOS audio+MIDI recording app

While apps such as Auria, Cubasis and Garageband perhaps get the headlines when it comes to recording under iOS, there are a number of other contenders that are well worth considering. If you want both audio and MIDI recording within a single app, one of the other obvious choices is Meteor Multitrack Recorder by developer 4Pockets. I did a full review of v.1.5 of Meteor back in March 2013 so, if you are not familiar with the basic operation of the app, that would be worth a skim through. With … [Read more...]

DrumJam giveaway results

I'm still working up to a full review of DrumJam, but Jesse at Sonosaurus (having already been kind enough to supply copies of ThumbJam for a giveaway) also supplied me with five copies of DrumJam to giveaway to readers here at the Music App Blog. As I commented last week, DrumJam can do standard acoustic and electronic drum kits and you get an excellent performance interface for playing parts in in real-time. However, there is also a superb collection of world percussion instruments … [Read more...]

VirSyn updates – microTERA and Cube Synth get new features

VirSyn will be well known to most iOS musicians as they have a number of excellent apps available via the iTunes App Store. These include AudioReverb which is one of the better stand-alone reverb apps currently available and supports both Audiobus and IAA. However, VirSyn are probably best know for the their virtual synthesisers, both on the desktop and, more recently, under iOS. Two of their iPad-based synths that I've reviewed previously on the blog - microTERA and Cube Synth - both … [Read more...]

Caustic giveaway results

As I posted last week, Caustic has just received a fairly major update from Single Cell Software. Caustic was already a brilliant app for the electronic musician. It has a retro look that some will love (and others may not) but this is a powerful music production system and is packed with features that would keep you interested well beyond that first tune. The 3.1 update simply adds to what was already an impressive feature list. At UK£6.99, Caustic 3.1 is an absolute bargain if you like the … [Read more...]