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dot Melody review – intuitive music creation/generation app from Olympia Noise Co

Long-standing iOS musicians are probably already familiar with the Olympia Noise Co. as a development team. These are the people behind the excellent and high regarded Chordion app that I have reviewed previously here on the Music App Blog. Chordion is perhaps best described as a ’MIDI performance’ app but that doesn’t really do it justice, nor give a sense of just how powerful, useful and downright clever it is. Chordion (UK£2.49) was one of the first iOS music apps to bring something new to … [Read more...]

SongSheet giveaway – 5 copies of song catalogue app from iSharp up for grabs

 If you are a prolific songwriter or a busy covers-band gigging musician, keeping track of all those chord and lyric sheets - and arranging them into sets for gigs - can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, and as I've reviewed before on the blog, there is an app for that; SongSheet by iSharp. The essence of SongSheet is very simple; it provides an environment where you can create chord/lyric sheets for your collection of songs (your own songs or those written by other songwriters). These are … [Read more...]

Z3TA+ update – Cakewalk bring further new features to their excellent iOS synth

There are some brilliant synth apps for iOS and, if there is one category of music app that is overflowing in its abundance, then this is it. Everyone will have their particular favourites depending upon the type of music they make and their personal preference for how complex (or not) they like their synth engines to be. Amongst my own personal choices are Thor, Nave and Arctic ProSynth but, more recently, since its release a couple of months ago, I've also been making plenty of use of … [Read more...]

birdStepper giveaway – 5 copies of birdSound step-based effects app up for grabs

I posted a review of birdSound's new birdStepper iOS audio effects app last week. Perhaps the easiest way to describe birdStepper is as a creative multi-effects processor where the effects parameters can be modulated/automated in real-time over the course of a step-based sequence. The app is very easy to use and, with eight different effects that you can chain together, provides a huge range of creative options from audio processing. With Audiobus support from the off, it's easy to use … [Read more...]

B-Step Sequencer released – MonoPlugs launch step-based MIDI sequencer for iOS

In a number of electronic music styles, the step sequencer is an important part of the music production process. Lots of synths and drum machines - whether hardware or software - have step-based sequencing built in as do some desktop DAWs. However, it is also possible to buy stand-alone step sequencers that you hook up to your MIDI sound source of choice. Under iOS, while we don't have tons of choice for standalone step sequencing apps, we do have a number of capable candidates. For example, … [Read more...]

Jam Maestro giveaway results

I posted a mini-review of the new v.3 release of Jam Maestro earlier a few days ago having reviewed both the original release and the v.2 update some while ago on the blog. Jam Maestro has always been an interesting 'guitarist-friendly compositional tool' but, with v.3, it has moved some significant steps forward, providing support for up to 16 virtual instruments including 3rd party MIDI apps or IAA synths, support for IAA effects, Audiobus 2 with State Saving and a much wider selection of … [Read more...]

hearEQ giveaway results

I posted a review of hearEQ from Ten Kettles a few of days ago. This app provides a very straightforward DIY training and testing environment for you to brush up and improve your ability to identify different frequency bands and, when it comes to mixing, knowing where to go with your equaliser controls to cut or boost just the required frequencies for a particular sound, can really speed up the process. Thanks to Alex Andrews from Ten Kettles, I had five copies of hearEQ to give away to … [Read more...]

Auria update – v.1.142 brings new ripple edit mode

If you are looking for the most powerful audio-only iOS DAW app currently available, then you don't really need to look much further than WaveMachineLabs Auria. I produced an in-depth review of the app when it was originally released back in July 2012 and, while the app has received a number of updates since then bringing new features such as Audiobus and IAA support or making new IAP plug-ins available, much of what's described in that review still stands; if you don't know the app, then give … [Read more...]

SongSheet sale – iSharp’s song cataloguing app on a short time sale

 Regular visitors might have seen the item I posted earlier this week about the latest update to the SongSheet app from iSharp. SongSheet has been around for quite a while and the app is a very convenient way of cataloguing all your song charts and lyrics via your iPad. The set list feature also makes it great for gigging musicians especially if you do a lot of covers and need to pull out a particular song at the drop of a hat. As I noted the other day, the latest update adds some new … [Read more...]