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Glitchbreaks update – Alex Matheu’s beat manipulator app joins the ‘Audiobus 2 ready’ category

As we all get ready for the official launch of Audiobus 2 on Thursday this week, it's great to see more developers getting their apps ready to support the new Audiobus release from the off. The latest addition to the 'Audiobus 2 ready' list is Glitchbreaks from developer Alex Matheu. While I've dabbled with Glitchbreaks, I've never got around to writing up a full review for the blog (something I should rectify for both Glitchbreaks and Sliver, Alex's other iOS music app). As the name … [Read more...]

VirSyn apps on sale – limited-time reductions on some great music apps

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed VirSyn's new iOS synth app microTERA. I was impressed with this iPad-only synth. Sitting the the 'mid-range' price bracket (UK£6.99) it is easy enough to program, sounds very good and offers excellent value for money. Well, if you are quick, you can now get it at 50% off the normal price which represents something of a bargain. But you do need to be quick because I think the sale only lasts until the 31st March (that is, Monday at some stage) so, get a move on … [Read more...]

Sector giveaway – three copies up for grabs of Jonatan Liljedahl’s brilliant loop app

I posted a short review about the major update to Sector earlier this week. If you like to take your audio loops and slice and dice them within an inch of their life, then Sector really should appeal. It is both fun to use and endlessly creative. With this update, Jonatan Liljedahl - Sector's developer and also the person behind the AUFX series of audio effect apps - has taken a great concept and just made it better. The new features include MIDI Clock sync, sector (slice) auditioning, easier … [Read more...]

Final Touch giveaway – a copy of Positive Gird’s new mastering app to give away

If you have already seen the Final Touch review that I put up on the site a couple of days ago then you will be aware that this is an impressive app from one of the leading music app developers within the iOS world. Final Touch can't do magic (no mastering software can) and turn a duff mix into a chart beater but, with a decent mix to start with and a good dose of common sense, it can help you enhance your mix and get the most impact from it without resulting in any obvious audio … [Read more...]

Audiobus 2 news – launch date announced

We have been heard the hints, listened to the online chatter and been teased by the official pre-release videos about the various headline features but - at last - we now know when Audiobus 2 is due to launch. The screenshot shown below has just landed via email to all those interested potential users on the Audiobus mailing list. The message is short and sweet but it means that, by this time next week - Thursday 3rd of April to be exact - Audiobus 2 is going to be with us. If you are new to … [Read more...]

Sector update – Jonatan Liljedahl brings new features to his brilliant slice sequencer

I reviewed Jonatan Liljedahl's Sector when it was first released back in February. Sector is a bit of a difficult app to classify and describe but, in essence, it takes an audio loop, slices it (into 'sectors') and then allows you to reassemble and manipulate those sectors (slices) in various ingenious ways. If you are the kind of person that either likes to mangle their audio loops or who just wants to extract the absolute creative maximum from every audio loop in your collection, Sector is … [Read more...]

Flying Haggis Guitar Amp review – db audioware bring their desktop amp sim to the iPad

Fortunately – for the World’s anti-boredom quotient anyway – musicians are not all made the same; we like different styles of music and we like different sounds. One consequence of this is that we all use different tools to get our own specific (musical) job done, whether that’s some mega-spec digital recording studio stuffed with goodies or a dodgy budget acoustic guitar from a second-hand shop; if it cranks your particular handle, then just keep on cranking. My main musical instrument is … [Read more...]

Auria update – WavemacineLabs bring fixes and features to their flagship iOS DAW app

If you are looking for the most powerful audio-only iOS DAW app currently available, then you don't really need to look much further than WaveMachineLabs Auria. I produced an in-depth review of the app when it was originally released back in July 2012 and, while the app has received a number of updates since then bringing new features such as Audiobus and IAA support or making new IAP plug-ins available, much of what's described in that review still stands; if you don't know the app, then give … [Read more...]

Stereo Designer and Swoopster – further Audiobus 2 support updates

If you have been paying attention recently, you will have noticed a flurry of app updates from some of the leading music app developers to bring their apps in line with the requirements for the upcoming release of Audiobus 2. Holderness Media have already released a number of these for apps such as Stereo Designer and Swoopster but today say a further update for both apps with the key addition being listed as 'Audiobus 2 SDK update'. Both of these apps are brilliant fun to use and Stereo … [Read more...]