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SoundFont Pro giveaway – 4 free copies up for grabs

Where we can, we do like to help you with your music app addiction here at the Music App Blog so, this week-end, as well as having a giveaway for Igor Vasiliev's excellent Audio Mastering app, we also have a giveaway running for Azfar Jafri's SoundFont Pro. I reviewed SoundFont Pro earlier this week to coincide with the latest update that added IAA support amongst a few other tweaks. SoundFont Pro is a well-designed app that, depending upon how you configure it, allows you to use it as a … [Read more...]

Audio Mastering giveaway – 10 free copies up for grabs

I reviewed Igor Vasiliev's recent update to the excellent Audio Mastering app a few days ago on the blog. Version 2 of the app brings some significant new features with the 'advanced' mode providing a flexible parametric EQ and real-time spectrum display of your audio while you work on the processing options. If you like the idea of giving your iOS music productions a bit of DIY mastering but have not, as yet, purchased and downloaded Audio Mastering from the iTunes App Store then now might … [Read more...]

Gadget review – all-in-one electronic music production app for iOS from Korg

There were quite a few interesting iOS music products whose primary launch was timed to hit the winter NAMM show held last week. However, in terms of apps, there is little doubting the product that received most of the headlines; Korg’s Gadget. Having now had a few days to explore the app in some detail, I have to say I’m very impressed…. it’s not yet ‘perfect’ (not in a ‘buggy’ sort of a way - on that front the performance on my iPad Air test system seems very solid – but more in terms of … [Read more...]

BeatStep – Arturia launch compact hardware controller

Regular computer or iOS musicians will be very familiar with the Arturia brand as the French-based company have created some of the best software-based synths available over the last 15 years. I've reviewed a couple of the iOS offerings from Arturia here on the blog. iMini provides an excellent recreation of the original Minimoog, while iSEM takes Oberheim's classic hardware SEM synth and turns it into an iPad-sized virtual version. While neither of these apps is perhaps quite as cool as … [Read more...]

SoundFont Pro review – multi-timbral virtual instrument from Azfar Jafri

There are some truly remarkable synth apps available for iOS – Thor, Nave, Arctic ProSynth, iSEM, iMini, Animoog, iMS-20, etc. – all of which defy conventional logic when it comes to working out how they sound so good yet are so modestly priced. However, some of these are quite processor hungry and most (although not all) of the better iOS synths, are not multi-timbral; the majority of these instruments can only make one sound (albeit many notes of that sound) at any one time. Under iOS, we … [Read more...]

Audio Mastering v.2 – new version of Igor Vasiliev’s excellent mastering app now released

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Igor Vasiliev has had a major update to his excellent Audio Mastering app in preparation. As of today, Audio Mastering v.2.0 is available for download on the iTunes App Store. If you already own the app then the update is free, while for new users the asking price is UK£8.99; considering the features and how well the app performs, this is a pretty modest outlay. I reviewed the first release of Audio Mastering back in May 2013 and, while there are plenty … [Read more...]

Guitarism updated – rhism adds an electric option in v.3.2

While the guitar is my main musical instrument (that is, I can actually get a tune out of it without feeling too embarrassed by my incompetence), I'm still very interested in the efforts of software developers to turn it into a playable virtual instrument. In terms of those efforts under iOS, my favourite 'playable' app for quite some time has been Guitarism by rhism. I reviewed Guitarism some time ago and the basic principle of how the app is played hasn't really changed too much since then … [Read more...]

Korg news – Gadget for iPad and apps on sale

I've a number of Korg's music apps that I use on a regular basis with the iMS-20 perhaps being my favourite. However, the new Korg Gadget app looks like it might also be worthy of some serious consideration. If you are into electronic music making, the specification looks excellent; a range of 15 different virtual instruments are included including drum module, a bass machine, a PCM synth, a mono analog synth, a poly analog synth, a semi-modular synth, a 'wobble' synth (guess what that's for), … [Read more...]

Voice Synth giveaway results

Last week I reviewed Voice Synth from Qneo and was impressed with the range of treatments it can create when processing vocals (or, indeed, other audio sources). While in the main it is likely to appeal to the more electronic facing musician rather than the singer-songwriter types, the app is both easy to use and a lot of fun. Willem at Qneo was kind enough to provide me with five copies of the app to giveaway to readers of the Music App Blog and entries for the giveaway closed yesterday. The … [Read more...]