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Quality matters – has iOS got what it takes as an audio recording platform?

A few days ago, I was exchanging personal news with a long-standing musician and studio-owning acquaintance of mine whom I hadn’t spoken with in a couple of years. Just as we were wrapping the conversation up, I happened to mention that I had set up the Music App Blog and that it was a website based around iOS music production. His response caught me a bit by surprise; “Oh, I own an iPad but I wouldn’t really be interested in anything involving compressed audio formats”. At the time, I didn’t … [Read more...]

Launchpad update – audio import now available as an IAP

Novation’s Launchpad concept – whether in its hardware format or one of the software recreations like the iPad Launchpad app – has created a whole new way to get creative with loop-based music. Launchpad is brilliant in a live setting, allowing you to mix and match loops on the fly but it is equally at home in a recording context. I reviewed the iPad version of Launchpad when it was first released. The app is free and, in terms of functionality, it duplicates much of what can be done on the … [Read more...]

BIAS coming soon – Positive Grid provide teaser for new amp modelling processor for iPad

As regular readers on the blog will know, I'm a bit of a fan of the various guitar amp sim apps that are available for iOS. I've reviewed the leading contenders here previously - Amplitube, AmpKit+, Mobile POD, Overloud THM (available as a plug-in within Auria) and, of course, JamUp Pro XT. The developers behind JamUp Pro - Positive Grid - obviously have something new up their sleeves as yesterday they released a teaser video for a new iOS guitar amplifier modelling processor called BIAS. You … [Read more...]

Junglator review – interesting beatmasher with potential from Amplify

I love the way iOS and the iTunes App Store allows indie developers a platform to compete with some of the bigger names in music technology software (rather like Valve’s Steam does within the world of computer games). It means that you can occasionally stumble across something interesting somewhat out of left-field and, given the pocket money pricing structure of the App Store, it’s possible to take a punt out of curiosity without worrying too much about the bottom line. Junglator – produced … [Read more...]

Sonic Port news – Amplitube compatibility

When I reviewed the Sonic Port from Line 6 back in July, I was impressed by the quality of the hardware and even more impressed by the Mobile POD guitar amp sim app. However, for guitar players, the Sonic Port itself is a good all round choice as a compact audio interface to use with any app on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad regardless of which guitar amp sim app you prefer. I had no problems using the Sonic Port with most audio apps and JamUp Pro and AmpKit worked fine with the unit. … [Read more...]

Music App Blog newsletter – free guide when you signup

The Music App Blog has an email newsletter system and, if you want to get a weekly fix of iOS music news and a concise round-up of news, views and reviews from the blog - plus automatic entry into all our promo code giveaway draws - then you can signup below to receive all of this in a convenient email format. Subscribing to the Music App Blog newsletter will - hopefully :-) - help the blog build a community of users who can share their iOS music making experiences. In signing up for the … [Read more...]

Beatmaker 2 updated – Intua add inter app audio support

Intua's BeatMaker 2 music app that, despite its name, is a full-fledged music production environment and not just a drum tool, has received a fairly significant upgrade this week. The headline features introduced with v.2.5 are inter app audio support under iOS7, the availability of new sound banks and kits through the Sound Store (including some free sound banks) and a new stereo delay effect.There are also a number of more minor tweaks and additions plus the usual round of bug fixes, … [Read more...]

iPad Air – good for music apps?

Apple packed a lot into their launch event on October 22nd and, while there was lots of stuff to please all round Apple geeks, for iOS-based musicians, it would have been the new iPad Air and the update to Garageband for iPad that were of most interest. As ever with Apple’s product launches, it was incredibly slick and professional and, if you allow yourself to be carried along by the wave, it’s all to easy to find yourself in a ‘I want one of those’ frame of mind by the time it is all over….  … [Read more...]

Garageband update – more tracks and inter app audio support added

With my geeky ‘Apple fan’ hat on, I sat and watched the live stream of the keynote launch event yesterday (October 22nd , 2013) mainly to get details of the new iPad (iPad 5th gen. or iPad Air as we now find out it has been named) and to see just how scary the pricing of the new Mac Pro was going to be (answer; very scary but the spec. does look pretty awesome if you can justify needing it). One rather nice surprise during the event was the updates announced for all the iWorks and iLife … [Read more...]