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Gestrument music app updated – free promo code giveaway

I reviewed the rather excellent Gestrument music app a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed by the powerful and intuitive way the interface allowed you to 'play' and create a musical performance, whether using the app's own collection of sounds or by sending its MIDI data to another iOS music app. Gestrument's developer Jesper Nordin has just released an update to the app moving it to v1.3. This update brings a number of new features. Gestrument is now a Universal app so it will run on … [Read more...]

An introduction to insert and send effects in your iOS DAW – a Music App Blog guide

I regularly get emails from readers of the blog with useful feedback on the website and suggestions for review items or tutorial topics. However, the biggest part of the virtual postbag contains questions about something to do with iOS music making and it’s one of these emails that has prompted this article. While most of the blog’s readership have iOS-based music making in common, it’s very apparent from those emails that there are vastly different levels of overall music technology … [Read more...]

DM1 music app review – brilliant drum machine for iOS from Fingerlab

When it comes to a really killer virtual drum instrument – an iOS sized version of something like Superior Drummer 2 or BFD2, for example – I think we are still waiting. However, in the ‘virtual drum machine’ category – which is something of a different beast – we already have some very good contenders. I reviewed Funkbox a while back and was very impressed but it is not the only candidate. Another option is provided by the subject of this review – Fingerlab’s DM1 music app – a virtual drum … [Read more...]

Best Music Apps – the Music App Blog’s current picks

I always like receiving email from readers here at the Music App Blog, whether they be feedback on the website, suggestions for review items or tutorial topics or questions about something to do with iOS music making. In the latter group, one of the most common questions is 'what are the best music apps for XYZ?' Sometimes, the answer to these types of questions is straightforward but, of course, sometimes it's not. Anyway, given the number of enquiries, I thought I'd add a 'best app' list to … [Read more...]

TempoTeacher review – iOS music app tempo practice tool from BirdSound

Not all iOS music apps have to fall into the wizz-bang ‘make some sound’ category; there are also some excellent utility (for example, Guitar Toolkit) and music tuition (for example, David Mead’s Guitar Gym) apps around that can be worth adding to your app collection. An app that falls very firmly in this latter group is the TempoTeacher music app by developer BirdSound. Yes, on the surface this is (another – there are plenty of very good ones) metronome app but, as the ‘teacher’ name tag … [Read more...]

Figure music app updated – Propellerhead release v.1.5

If you read my original review of Propellerhead’s Figure music app you will know that I’m a bit of a fan. Indeed, if I'm in a 'I've 5 minutes to kill and want to make some music' kind of a situation, Figure is my go-to app on my iPhone. I love the simplicity and the brilliance of the user interface. Propellerhead added Audiobus support for Figure some time ago and they are now back with a further update - to v.1.5 - which brings a few further improvements. The key additions are in the way … [Read more...]

Auria music app on sale – WaveMachine Lab’s iOS DAW at half-price

If you are fond of a bargain, then today you might not find a better one that WaveMachine Lab's Auria and Auria LE iOS DAWs. Both of these apps are currently half-price on the iTunes App Store. Even at full price, Auria is a heck of a lot of DAW at a ridiculously low price - at the sale price it is a complete steal. As I described in my detailed review of Auria when it was first released, while it doesn't (yet at least) support MIDI tracks (Auria is an audio-only recording environment … [Read more...]

Tape music app review – ultra simple stereo recorder for iPad from Focusrite

I’ve commented before on the blog about the attraction of the ‘app’ format that encourages developers to create more streamlined software. Software that, essentially, does one thing in a simple, uncluttered fashion but does it well. Apps like Figure, DrumKick, Drums, AUFX:Space or even Audio Mastering all fall into that category. Well, now we have another iOS music app to add to the list; Tape by Focusrite. KISS In fact, I think the Tape music app is probably the trying to win the 2013 ‘Keep … [Read more...]

MasterRecord music app updated to v.1.1

Regular readers here will be familiar with Igor Vasiliev’s effects processors for iOS. Hot on the heels of the update to his Audio Mastering app comes the v.1.1 update for MasterRecord. You can read the original review of MasterRecord here but the app - which allows you to add a little bit of analog-style tape emulation to your digital recordings - has had some new features added in this update in addition to some minor bug fixes. The most obvious additions are two additional tape flutter … [Read more...]