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iOS music podcasts – new episodes to check out

I don't know about you but I'm a big podcast fan. The format is great for listening when out and about, in the car, doing some exercise or just at my desk and I want something tailored to my interests to keep me entertained and informed. If you are an established iOS music making fan, or just finding your feet with the whole iOS music world, then you really should check out both the Touch Music Podcast and the iOS Music & You Podcast. Both have new episodes online. The Touch Music … [Read more...]

SongSheet music app from iSharp – on sale for next few days

Gabriel Hauber from developer iSharp has been in touch today to say that their SongSheet app is going to be on sale for a brief period of time. I reviewed SongSheet on the blog a while ago. The app provides an environment where you can create chord/lyric sheets for your collection of songs (your own songs or those written by other songwriters) and these are then catalogued within the app, can be searched quickly and, for live performances, organised into set lists, allowing you to step through a … [Read more...]

MIDImorphosis music app review – audio to MIDI conversion from Secret Base Design

As an almost competent guitar player but a woefully inadequate keyboard player, I’ve always been interested in MIDI guitar technology. I’ve tried all sorts of systems and currently have Roland GK3 pickup fitted to a spare guitar that - without spending mega bucks – is perhaps the current state of the art. It does a decent job; not perfect and it requires some playing compromises, but a heck of a lot easier for my guitar-shaped fingers than endless piano practice :-) Over recent years, us … [Read more...]

Line 6 Sonic Port review – guitar audio I/O from the amp modelling giant

In the world of amp modelling, there are probably two names that really made the guitar-playing world sit up and take notice; Roland and Line 6. Roland make brilliant products but, somehow, Line 6 managed to capture the interest and imagination of not just the techie-minded guitar players but also those who – initially at least – might have been sceptical of all the technology. One of their products – the POD – has become something of a guitar amp modelling icon and, in its current incarnation – … [Read more...]

Sunsine Audio launch 1 week summer sale

Sunsine Audio - developers of all sorts of preset packs for a number of iOS music apps, have announced a one week Summer Sale. All Sunsine products are on sale from Monday July 29th until Monday August 5th. This includes the Explorer 3, Casino 2, and Effectus packs that are on sale for the first time ever, while the Glitchloops 1 + 2, Four, and Dubstep Exciter are at their lowest price ever. The sale is also the last chance to grab the large iOS bundles as these will be discontinued after … [Read more...]

DrumKick redeem code giveway – results

The names were drawn out of the hat (doh! - I should have used a sock!) on Saturday for the five DrumKick promo/redeem codes supplied by developer Mark Jeschke. All the winners should have now received an email with their redeem code details. Thanks to everyone who responded and a special thanks to Mark for supplying the codes.   The five plucked out were:- Alan Beadle Steve Raizen David Albertson Timothy Hachey Paul Shimmons   Hope the winners all have … [Read more...]

AUFX:Space music app review – dedicated reverb app for iOS

The AUFX:Space music app is the first dedicated iOS reverb effect app I've reviewed for the blog. Produced by Kymatica, it is the first of a series of effects apps that are in development. While reverb and delay effects are built into many iOS music apps (DAWs, synths, guitar amp sims, etc.), as AUFX:Space's reason for being is reverb, it's perhaps worth considering some basics of effects like reverb and delay to set the review - which I'll come to asap below - into a broader context....  but … [Read more...]

Samson Meteor USB Mic review

Yep, this is going to be a review of the Samson Meteor USB mic, but first, let’s consider just a little bit of context as this helps identify which iOS musicians might find this mic most appealing …. My generation While it is perfectly possible for experienced music technology professionals to identify the current limitations of iOS as a music making platform, for a whole new generation of musicians, their iPhones, iPod Touch or iPad is their first close encounter with hi-tech music creation. … [Read more...]

Links and resources page for iOS musicians

I've had a slight reorganistion of the Music App Blog website structure today to make room for a page of links to other websites and online resources that contain information that might be of interest to the iOS/mobile musician. You can access this via the Links menu item at the top of the website. It includes other websites related to iOS music making, hardware/app developer websites and a selection of more general music and/or technology websites that cover mobile music topics. This is … [Read more...]