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Thor app review – Propellerhead’s brilliant synth comes to iOS

There are some days when you just know you are going to spend most of the day with a big daft grin on your face. For me, yesterday was one of them. And the reason for this abundance of happiness? Propellerhead's Thor music app. If you are familiar with Reason under Windows or OSX, then you will also be familiar with Thor, one of the flagship synths within Reason and, as software synths go, a bit of a classic. Propellerhead have now ported Thor to the iPad and, a couple of understandable … [Read more...]

iOS music apps – toys or tools?

I'd like to start with a question and, while I admit the link to iOS music apps might not be obvious to start with, bear with and I'll do my best to convince you that I can join the dots... So, my question…. has anyone here ever played Guitar Hero? For a while a few years ago it was all the rage on consoles such as the PS3 and the Wii. Indeed, my own sons (then aged about 10 and 3) were both hooked and we had the full setup for the family Wii; two guitars, a drum kit and a mic. The kids … [Read more...]

JamUp Pro expansion packs – review

As I indicated recently, Positive Grid’s excellent iOS music app JamUp Pro has just been upgraded to v.2.4.1. The highlights of the update are a couple of new in-app-purchase amp bundle expansion packs, a new IAP pitch-shifter pedal, a revamp of the ToneSharing features and a Live View mode that will be very welcome to those brave souls who boldly go where few guitarists have gone before and gig with their iPhone or iPad instead of one of those oh-so-old-fashioned guitar amp thingies…. Having … [Read more...]

iRig HD review

IK Multimedia’s new iRig HD is now available and promises iOS guitarists a step up in audio quality from the original iRig hardware. That original unit has been one of the biggest selling accessories for guitar playing iOS musicians over the last couple of years. I reviewed the original iRig back in April 2012 and it undoubtedly opened a lot of guitarist’s eyes (and ears) to the possibilities offered by their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for mobile music making. So, if you own the original iRig … [Read more...]

Snowflake 2 preset pack for Arctic Keys

If you are a fan of Arctic Keys, the virtual analog synth iOS music app, then you might be interested in Sunshine Audio's new preset pack.  The pack - titled Snowflake 2 - contains leads, basses, pads, and fx, as well as complex time locked patches utilizing the deep modulation possibilities of Arctic Key's sequencer. It's compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later. The pack contains a total of 64 patches as well … [Read more...]

JamUp Pro XT updates

Positive Grid's JamUp Pro is one of the best iOS amp modelling sims available (see my original JampUp Pro review here) and has just been updated to v.2.4.1. This upgrade brings both new features and some significant new in-app-purchases. In terms of new features the app now includes a re-design of the ToneSharing system (similar in principle to the excellent system offered by Line 6 for the various POD/Spider amp products). This allows users to search, and then download from, a large catalogue … [Read more...]

iOS 7 audio – good news for musicians?

Many thanks to Shannon Calrow who posted this link to an article on the 9to5mac website on the iOS Music Makers Facebook group page. This is a really interesting piece about changes Apple is introducing with iOS 7 and that will impact directly on the audio community using iPhones and iPads to make music. As I posted here, Apple have only relatively recently added support for Audiobus to Garageband and - in a kind of unofficial fashion - this gave Audiobus the nod as the way forward in terms … [Read more...]

Music App Review – Nave Wavetable Synth by Waldorf Music

It has to be said that the world of iOS is not short of a synth music app or three. Could there possibly be room for another one? Only if it’s very good – and, thankfully, Nave – the first major iOS music app release by Waldorf – most certainly is. In fact, even after just a few hours spent exploring the app, I’d be happy to suggest it is considerably more than just ‘good’… Nave Basics Nave is a wavetable synth with a sound engine built upon dual (and highly editable) wavetable oscillators, a … [Read more...]

Meteor Multitrack Recorder – updates to v.1.60

As of today - 12th June, 2013 - 4Pockets have released an update to their Meteor music app. I posted a full review of Meteor, a very capable iOS audio+MIDI recording environment, back in March and the update adds quite a few new features as well as dealing with the usual minor fixes, etc. While none of the new features might perhaps be described as ground breaking, there are a significant number of useful additions. Perhaps top of the list is support for multiple channel audio recording so, … [Read more...]