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Cubasis iOS music app – updated to v.1.4

As of today (28th May, 2013), the v.1.4 update of Steinberg's iOS DAW Cubasis is available from the iTunes App Store. While this update doesn't bring any real headline features, there are a number of new features, a considerable number of improvements to existing features and the usual slew of bug fixes, etc. All in all, this update perhaps represents a consolidation and refining process with many of these minor tweaks being in response to feedback from users. In terms of new features, … [Read more...]

Turnado update to v.1.1

Sugar Bytes have updated the excellent Turnado iOS audio effects apps to v.1.1. The key addition in this release deals with one of the minor comments I made in my original review of the app - no support for a landscape display mode - as, thankfully, this is now available. Landscape mode has been achieved by splitting the main screen into two halves and the user can simply toggle between them, with the upper portion of the original portrait display - containing the effects bank and the eight … [Read more...]

Music App Review – Jamn by MiQ Limited

If you are an aspiring musician, a little bit of music theory (even if just a little) can be a big help when learning your instrument. Equally, if you are a songwriter, like all those who work in the creative world (artists, screen-writers, authors, etc.), you will sometimes stare at your blank canvas and wonder where the next idea is going to come from. Fortunately, for us musicians at least, there is a music app for that. In fact, the iTunes App Store has a whole bunch of them, but one that … [Read more...]

NanoStudio music app – v1.40 update adds Audiobus support

For those of you who embraced the wonderful world of iOS music making in its early days, the NanoStudio music app is something you may well have a particular soft spot for. As one of the first really useable music composition tools – combining synths and drum samples into a track-based composition/recording environment – it was something of a revelation when it first appeared and one of the original apps to demonstrate just what iOS music making might be capable of. I reviewed NanoStudio on … [Read more...]

Music App Review – Audio Mastering by Igor Vasiliev

In some regards, iOS-based musicians are spoilt for choice; plenty of synth apps, guitar amp modelling apps, drum apps, music utility apps (like Audiobus or MIDI Bridge) and DAW-type apps but, as I’ve commented elsewhere, there are still some gaps to be filled. Perhaps the gap that surprises me most is audio editing. Yes, there are a couple of iOS audio editors in the App Store but, as yet, none of them have really grabbed ‘killer’ status. For most musician’s, an audio editing environment … [Read more...]

Music App Review – Sing inTuna by HotPaw

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, one of the things I find attractive about the whole iOS music app environment (and, indeed, iOS apps in general) is that app developers are still happy to create apps that are highly focused on a single – and often quite simple – task. When the pricing structure of apps mean that most cost less than a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks or Costa, you can justify offering a ‘single function’ app that is still going to appeal to users without the need to … [Read more...]

Music App Review – Turnado for iPad by Sugar Bytes

Oh my…. if you’re an iOS musician with even the slightest of an experimental streak within you, then I suggest you might rather like the Turnado music app by Sugar Bytes. Indeed, if you have both an experimental streak and an app habit that you are trying to break, then I also suggest that you stop reading the review now…. ….  ah, too late! Turnado is a monster of an app – part multi-effects processor and part loop mangler – and, in short, it’s brilliant. If you produce electronic or … [Read more...]

iLectric on the Audiobus – Music App Blog News

Regular readers might have read my original review of IK Multimedia's iLectric music app where I was more than a little impressed with the electric piano sounds on offer. IK Multimedia were keen to promote the sound quality of the app and it is impressive (and, not surprisingly, is quite a big app to accomodate the sample material required). While iLectric sounded great from day 1 - and would make a perfectly acceptable choice for playing live when hooked up to a suitable MIDI keyboard - as I … [Read more...]