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Music App Blog Review – AmpKit LiNK HD

With hardware devices such as the iRig and the AmpKit LiNK, IK Multimedia and Peavey (in collaboration with Agile Partners who are the developers behind the AmpKit+ app) provided guitar players with a means of getting their guitar signal into the various iOS amp modelling apps via the headphone socket of their iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. This socket does, of course, provide a route for audio in (it supports the microphone built into Apple’s earbuds) as well as audio out so you have an analog I/O … [Read more...]

Music App Review – Erol Singer’s Studio by Erol Studios

Some time ago, I looked at the VocalizeU music app by DS Vocology. This app provided an iOS-based training environment for singers, offering an interactive series of lessons to help develop your vocal skills. As I commented at the time, I was impressed with the VocalizeU and I’ve used it regularly since to coax a bit of life into my own rather rusty vocal chords. There are, of course, other iOS-based vocal training apps out there and I’ve recently been trying Erol Singer’s Studio by Erol … [Read more...]

Music app update – Cubasis v.1.3

While it is still far from the 'perfect' iPad DAW, Cubasis is most certainly amongst the the top tier in terms of  both profile and functionality. However, it's great to see Steinberg keeping the development moving forward with the release of v.1.3 today (April 16th 2013). Aside from a number of bug fixes, there are also some new features added. The highlights are two new plug-ins; a rather nice 4-band parametric EQ and a limiter. The EQ, in particular, is well featured and very welcome … [Read more...]

Music app review – djay by algoriddim

Although my own primary interest in music apps lies with virtual instruments and recording applications, one of the other musical worlds in which mobile and touchscreen technology has taken a serious hold is in DJing. While the spinning of vinyl on a pair of analog decks is as ‘traditional’ to a DJ as a Les Paul and Marshall stack is to a ‘rawk’ guitar player - and is still a brilliant format - lots of DJs have embraced the world of digital. This has evolved to the point where, now, a DJ's rig … [Read more...]

Music app review – Futulele by Amidio Inc.

Regular visitors might recall the rather excellent Guitarism music app (developed by rhism) that I reviewed a few weeks ago and that essentially provides a very clever ‘playable’ acoustic guitar instrument that can be played on an iPhone (or other iDevice). If the idea of Guitarism appealed, but the ukeule is your instrument rather than the acoustic guitar, then you might be interested in Futulele by Amidio Inc. The basic concept is very similar to Guitarism – you strum some virtual strings … [Read more...]