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Music app review – GuitarTuna by Ovelin

Not all music apps have to be all-singing, all-dancing, feature-filled smorgasbords. Sometimes, they can just do one job in a no nonsense fashion. GuitarTuna is a case in pint, although the 'no nonsense' comment perhaps only applies to the practical side of the app - it helps you tune a guitar - but not so obviously to the folks at Ovelin who clearly like a little bit of nonsense given the apps graphic styling and wonderfully corny name :-) The iTunes App Store has a good number of both … [Read more...]

Music app review – Meteor iPad DAW by 4Pockets

As well as virtual instruments, guitar amp modelling and utility apps, the iOS platform now has lots of music apps aimed at music production. Long-standing examples include Garageband, Nanostudio and Beatmaker 2 but, in this category, two more recent contenders – Auria and Cubasis – have probably stolen the headlines with more serious iOS musicians. However, all these music apps come with different feature lists and, while all can be classed under the broad heading of music production tools (or … [Read more...]

Music app review – Garageband for iPad gets Audiobus support

If you had to pick a single music app that first shined a light on the potential of iOS as a music-making platform it would be Apple’s own Garageband. I reviewed the v. 1.2 update of Garageband back in April 2012 and, for £2.99 (or the equivalent $/€ price) the app has an awful lot of features (and fun) for an incredibly low price. Garageband does a bit of everything - MIDI sequencing via the excellent collection of sample based virtual instruments (including the brilliant ‘smart’ … [Read more...]

Music app review – Addictive Synth by VirSyn

There are some excellent synthesiser music apps available for iOS musicians and, thankfully, some of the very best of these are now available with Audiobus support (for example, iPolysix, Magellan, NLogSynth and Animoog). We can now add VirSyn’s Addictive Synth to that list. While this music app has been around since July 2011, this week saw the release of v.2.1.0 that, amongst some other notable new features, also includes Audiobus functionality. At the time of writing, to coincide with the … [Read more...]

Music app review – Amplitube by IK Multimedia gets Audiobus

When it comes to music apps for guitar amp modelling, iOS musicians are now spoilt for choice and, as I reported a week ago, one of the more prominent apps in this category – AmpKit by Agile Partners – added Audiobus support to its feature list in a recent update. Hot on AmpKit’s heels is IK Multimedia’s Amplitube (see the original review here), with both the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad versions getting Audiobus as part of the v. 2.9.5 update released today. While music apps like … [Read more...]

Music app review – Drums by Asrodot

One of the things I like about iOS music apps is that – sometimes at least – they don’t try to be all singing, all dancing, do everything software. In short, a developer finds one task that needs doing and then designs an app to do that task and just that task. Drums by Asrodot is a prime example and, with its pocket-money pricing, this is a drum app that is well worth adding to your iOS music app collection. On Tap The idea behind Drums is very straightforward. Essentially, it takes the idea … [Read more...]

Music app review – Launchpad by Novation

Using loops has become an integral part of modern music production so it’s not altogether surprising that there are a number of music apps that bring that technology to the iOS platform. Launchpad, developed by the Focusrite/Novation combination, is just such a music app but, what will perhaps catch the eye first, is the price; Launchpad is free. You might, therefore, expect Launchpad to be… well… a bit naff but, like so many examples in the world of iOS music apps, this is another example of … [Read more...]

Music app review – AmpKit+ by Agile Partners

As a music app developer for iOS, Agile Partners go right back to the very first day of the App Store in July 2008 and, as I commented in a previous review, I’m a big fan of their Guitar Toolkit app. Of course, the company also produce AmpKit – a guitar amp, cab, effects modelling package – that is available in a free version or the paid ‘+’ version that includes extra amps and effects. In addition, there are a whole slew of additional amps, cab and effects available either individually or as … [Read more...]

Music app review – Jam Maestro by David Blake

When I first looked at the Jam Maestro music app, the obvious comparison that sprang to mind was with Guitarism, an app that I reviewed a few weeks back. In brief, Guitarism is designed to provide a compact (iPhone-sized!) playable acoustic guitar virtual instrument. The emphasis is placed upon being able to actually play, in real-time, a performance that doesn’t sound a million miles away from a real acoustic guitar. To do this, Guitarism includes strings that you strum or pick with one thumb … [Read more...]