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InTune review – Wittenberg University allow you to test your pitch sensitivity

As I commented a few days ago when reviewing Tom Reinert’s Groove Metronome app, music apps don’t have to be headline grabbers in order to be useful. InTune – produced by a team within the Music Department at Wittenberg University – is exactly a case in point. The app provides the user with a test of their ability to distinguish between the pitch of two tones. The aim of the app is that, with practice, you will begin to improve your ability to hear intonation differences and this, in turn, will … [Read more...]

Music app review – Tachyon by Wizdom Music

As regular readers here will be aware, I’m a bit of a fan of music app developers that try to capitalise on the touchscreen interface and provide us with ways to ‘play’ app-based musical instruments that step beyond a virtual piano keyboard or virtual guitar strings. Apps such as Figure, Triqtraq and Thumbjam are good examples of this and, while an experienced musician can capitalise on these alternative playing interfaces, these apps also make it possible for the non-musician (or budding … [Read more...]

Beatmaker 2 by Intua – music app review

Intua’s Beatmaker music app has been around for quite a while. The original version was released as an iPhone app as far back as 2008 and Beatmaker 2 first appeared in February 2011 – for both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad – and has seen regular upgrades since. In terms of music making, Beatmaker has always been designed to be a complete (stand alone?) compositional environment. The original tools consisted of sample-based drum machine and keyboard instruments, a well-specified sequencing … [Read more...]

Music app review – Groove! Metronome by Tom Reinert

There are some music apps that you want in your collection because they do something amazing, whether that's making noise, processing noise or recording noise. These apps are the wizz-bang highlights of your music making workflow. But not all apps have to be like this to earn a place on your mobile device. In short, an app can be useful without being a superstar. Groove! Metronome by Tom Reinert is just such an app. What you get here is a classic mobile app - a piece of software that does one … [Read more...]

iLectric Piano by IK Multimedia – music app review

IK Multimedia will be well known to regular iOS music app fans; they have been one of the music technology manufacturers that have most readily embraced the whole mobile computing environment as a place to make music. With a range of dedicated hardware (for example, iRig, iRig Keys, iRig Mix) and apps (Amplitube, VocaLive, GrooveMaker, DJ Rig, SampleTank, etc.). And, with a number of new products announced at the winter NAMM show back in January (including the iRig HD guitar interface), it’s a … [Read more...]

Figure music app gets aboard the Audiobus

If you read my original review of Propelerhead’s Figure music app you will know that I’m a bit of a fan. It’s not that the app is a fully featured music production system – it’s far from it in fact – but it was one of the best examples of an app designer thinking outside the box in terms of the playing interface. In short, Propellerhead made brilliant use of the touchscreen to provide an instrument that a novice musician could coax a dance tune out of and a more serious musician could dig into. … [Read more...]

Funkbox by Synthetic Bits – music app review

My own iPad is stuffed full of some brilliant music apps. I’ve got a number of excellent synth-based apps, at least four guitar amp sims that I’m happy to employ, a selection of very useable (but quite different) DAWs and a range of utility-type apps (including Audiobus and MIDI Bridge), all of which, with a little care and attention, can be combined into a suitable music-making workflow. In terms of it being a ‘complete’ music production system then I know that, at present, it can’t compete … [Read more...]

Guitarism by rhism – music app review

While I play a number of instruments ‘a bit’ (piano, drums, bass, tin whistle, etc.) the only one I’d not be totally embarrassed to actually stick on my CV would be guitar, upon which, on a good day, I can get up a half-decent head of steam. Which means, of course, that while I’m also a bit of a sucker for virtual guitar instruments as music apps that can be played on my iPhone or iPad, for the app to crank my handle (as a guitar player), it has to be able to offer me something useful over and … [Read more...]

MIDI Bridge by Audeonic – music app review

Yes, this is going to be a review of the MIDI Bridge music app but, if you have a minute to spare, then just bear with me because I think MIDI Bridge deserves a little bit of context. If you want to skip forward a few paragraphs (to ‘the virtual world’) then feel free but, if you are up for a quick bit of useful background, then just read on…. I think it is fair to say that Audiobus has caused quite a stir in the iOS music world. In providing a protocol that developers can built into their … [Read more...]