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Korg iPolysix synth studio – music app review

Korg have really embraced iOS as a music-making platform and music apps such as iMS-20, iKaossilator and iElectribe have been enthusiastically received by the majority of users. The latest offering is the iPolysix that, as its name suggests, is a software recreation of their hardware synth from the early 1980s. Unlike the excellent MS-20 (and the iMS-20 app) – which was monophonic – the original Polysix was polyphonic and, of course, the app reflects that. In fact, in the app recreation, you … [Read more...]

Focusrite iTrack Solo audio interface for iPad – Music App Blog review

Budget aside, the most problematic aspect of finding an audio or audio+MIDI interface for a desktop computer system that fits your own specific needs is picking from the multitude of choices. Whatever you think you want in terms of numbers of inputs (with or without phantom power), outputs or MIDI connectivity, there is likely to be something available from one of the well-established manufactures such as RME, MOTU, Tascam, Behringer, Line 6, Apogee, NI, Avid, M-Audio, Alesis, etc. However, … [Read more...]

G2M guitar-to-MIDI converter by Sonuus – music app review

As a guitar player whose keyboard skills could perhaps best be described as ‘passable’, I’ve always been a keen follower of MIDI guitar technology hoping that, at some stage, I could fully exploit my half-decent guitar skills to create MIDI parts in my DAW. However, as anyone who has dabbled with MIDI guitar controllers will generally agree, the technology has never quite delivered on its promise and, in one regard or another, has tended to involve some compromise on behalf of the player – you … [Read more...]

Music App Review – David Mead’s Guitar Gym by Leafcutter Studios

I can’t speak for the USA or other parts of the world but, if you are a student of the guitar in the UK then I expect you will have heard of David Mead. As well as writing for two of the UK’s leading guitar magazine – Guitarist and Guitar techniques – David has produced a number of excellent guitar tutor books. Indeed, I’ve got two of them – Chords and Scales for Guitarists and Rhythm: Step by Step Guide to Understanding Rhythm for Guitar – in my own collection and, even though I’ve been playing … [Read more...]

Music app review – NLogSynth Pro by Tempo Rubato

In the world of desktop music making, there is a bewildering choice when it comes to software synths. And just like their hardware equivalents, software synths come in a variety of (virtual) types; whether it’s recreations of classic analog or digital synths or novel approaches that have no equivalent outside the zeros and ones. Despite being a much younger platform, music apps aimed at iOS musicians are starting to become an equally impressive set of options. As with any other app type, … [Read more...]

All aboard the bus for music apps in 2013

Regular visitors to the Music App Blog may have read my review of the Audiobus by A Tasty Pixel that was posted a few days ago. Given the buzz this music app has created amongst iOS musicians, I’m not alone in thinking that it is an impressive concept and, while it is early days as yet, equally well executed by its development team. However, working with Audiobus for even a short while got me thinking more generally about some of the directions that mobile music making – and in particular music … [Read more...]

Music app review – JamUp Pro XT by Positive Grid

Guitar tones are, of course, a very personal thing and, what one player likes another may not. Guitarist’s ability to experiment with different tones has been transformed by digital modelling of guitar amp, cabinets and effects pioneered by the likes of Roland, Digitech and – perhaps most famously – by Line 6 with their ground-breaking POD desktop modelling devices. Whatever your position on whether amp modelling gets close to the sound of a real valve amp, the latest incarnations of the … [Read more...]

Audiobus by A Tasty Pixel – music app review

Musicians have been able to move audio between music apps in a number of ways for some time – Sonoma Wire Works Audiocopy protocol for example – but, as yet, these technologies, while very helpful, haven’t really provided a means to fully integrate your various music-making or recording apps into a coherent (seamless even) working environment. Given that context, there was a lot of noise on some of the music-based forums when Audiobus was announced. It promised to revolutionise the way … [Read more...]