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Best music apps of 2012

For musicians looking to make music on their smart phone or tablet computer 2012 has been a year that has seen some brilliant new music apps released. While the mobile music-making environment is still in its infancy, there have undoubtedly been some pretty big strides taken this year and, while not all of these strides are down solely to the apps themselves (hardware improvements and developments in communication between apps have also moved forward), at we approach the end of 2012, what are … [Read more...]

Music app review – Cubasis by Steinberg

As regular readers here will be aware, the iOS platform already has a wide range of music apps aimed at musicians. Yes, amongst the masses on iTunes, there are some to be avoided but the best of the bunch are very good indeed. And while this is still undoubtedly a music making environment that has plenty of room to mature, apps like Auria by WaveMachineLabs have very clearly demonstrated that an iPad can, in the right hands and with the right audio I/O hardware, be used to make some very … [Read more...]