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Music App Blog question – What audio interface do you use?

I'm a little frustrated (OK, maybe not quite at the screaming stage yet, but getting close). I posted a while ago about the features that would make my own ‘ideal’ audio interface to use for music making with music apps on my iOS system. While different people may well have very different needs, my own requirements (well, for 99% of what I would like to do) would be for two-in/two-out audio of decent quality, phantom power on the mic inputs, two independent headphone outputs, MIDI connectivity, … [Read more...]

Nanostudio soundbank freebie from Platinum Audiolab

If, like me, you are a fan of Blip Interactive's brilliant Nanostudio iOS app, then you ought to check out a free soundbank for the app that has recently been released by Platinum Audiolabs. The soundbank features:- 64 Custom Nanostudio Eden Patches 5 Custom Drum Kit TRG-16 Banks Loading Instructions Demo Dubstep Track Completely FREE and Royalty-Free for Nanostudio Users Steven Nikolic from Platinum Audiolab commented "We are huge fans of the versatile iOS daw app "Nanostudio" by Blip … [Read more...]