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Music app review – Harmony Voice by VirSyn

As someone with what might best be described as an ‘untrained’ singing voice, I’ve always been a sucker for software that can give the less than confident singer in me a helping hand. On my desktop system, I have therefore used all the mainstream vocal processing products. Aside from those that provide a distinctive sound (effect chains of compression, EQ, delay and reverb, etc.), two sorts of tools stand out here; pitch correction and harmony generation. Both of these sorts of tools have … [Read more...]

Music App Blog article – No toys allowed

I was exchanging email with an music app developer a few days ago and, aside from saying some kind things about the blog (which is always nice), he made an observation that iOS music apps needed some ‘serious reviews’ so that they could overcome their ‘toy status’. It's easy to see where he was coming from; all that work developing an app and it gets set alongside the Angry Birds clones. And because of the almost pocket money pricing of many apps, they can’t really be more than just disposable … [Read more...]