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Music app review – liveBPM by Daniel Bach

One of the things that I’ve always found appealing about the world of iOS music apps is that, by necessity, developers create apps that are much simpler than the majority of desktop software. That’s not to say that more complex apps are not available or very effective on mobile platforms – Garageband and Auria are perfect examples of just how well featured iOS music software can be – but the streamlined approach has a lot to recommend it, including the absence of a steep learning curve and all … [Read more...]

OverLoud THM amp modelling for Auria – music app review

In their desktop recording systems, recording musicians take for granted the ability to integrate multiple software packages into their working environment and 3rd party plug-ins into their DAW of choice. On mobile platforms such as the iPad things have not yet reached the same level of maturity and while some music apps can work ‘in the background’ or communicate with other apps, there is not – as yet – the same ability to work with multiple bits of software (your favourite synth, favourite … [Read more...]