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New layout at the Music App blog

Dear Readers, Thanks for the various comments and kind words via email and post responses. Over the next couple of days, I'm tweaking the layout of the site a little (trying a different Wordpress theme) to improve the site appearance and, more importantly, the ease of navigation. Hopefully, things will keep working smoothly during this process. Feedback welcome once it's done. Best wishes, John … [Read more...]

Music app review – Auria by WaveMachine Labs

Ever since it was first announced, the prospect of WaveMachine Lab’s music app Auria has attracted a lot of excited discussion online. Well, now it is here (launched on the iTunes App Store on 17th July) and, even with only a few days of experimentation with the app, I think it is safe to say that Auria is, quite simply, a game-changing app for musicians wanting and willing to embrace the potential of music making on the iPad. Garageband on the iPad has bought DAW (digital audio workstation) … [Read more...]

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Music app review – Voxkit by Secret Base Design

Despite the relatively short history of the whole iOS world, it is fair to say that there are already a good number of apps for creating drum sounds so, with Voxkit – a drum pad/sample triggering app - Secret Base Design already have some well-established competition. However, Voxkit does come with one very particular trick up its sleeve – the ability to trigger the drum samples via sound – so if you prefer the more natural way of playing your drum tracks by hitting real objects with your … [Read more...]

Music app review – FiRe 2 field recorder from Audiofile Engineering (now RODE Rec)

There are all sorts of occasions when you might need to make a quick audio recording – catching a moment of musical inspiration while just noodling and humming away on your guitar, demoing a song for other band members, recording an ambient sound while out and about to add to your sound effect library or to use as the basis for a weird and wonderful instrument in your sampler – the list could go on. One solution is to use one of the many excellent dedicated portable recorders that are available … [Read more...]

Music app review – Slash 360

I know this is not the usual fodder of this blog in that it is not strictly a music app aimed at musicians or those making music via a smart device but, well, it’s just so damn cool and, for anyone with an eye for new avenues of musical entertainment (as well as new revenue streams for recording artists), I think this app is worth a few words here. What am I on about? The new Slash 360 app – available from the iTunes App Store – and a way of presenting the content of an album in a novel and … [Read more...]

Music App Blog article – Where are the audio editor apps?

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly surprised – and in a good way – by what music app developers can make happen on my smartphone and tablet computers. Apps like GarageBand, NanoStudio, AmpliTube, Figure, iMS-20 and V-Control Pro always make me smile when I fire them up – so cool and so capable – and these are just a few examples I could have picked as there are many, many others I could add to this list. In a very short time, the world of mobile music software has become a surprisingly … [Read more...]

Korg iMS-20 analog synth – music app review

Korg’s original hardware MS-20 was released in 1978 and, in the world of analog synthesisers, became a bit of a classic. As a two-oscillator monophonic synth, it shared some similarities with the more up-market ARP 2600 including the ability to re-patch the signal in various ways. This, along with a shed load of knobs, made for a very flexible synth that offered some excellent options for keen programmers, without being so over-the-top, that novice users would be too intimidated. With a ‘who’s … [Read more...]