GoBeats review – Positive Grid give us a taster for the iOS AI drummer

Positive Grid are well known within the iOS music making world for their highly regarded guitar rig/amp modelling software with BIAS Amp and BIAS FX being the current flagship products. Having started with iOS, they are, however, one of the few iOS developers that have attempted to 'go the other way' and expand their product line into the desktop world. Equally, they have also moved into hardware and their latest product - the BIAS Head amplifier - is an ambitious undertaking, especially as they … [Read more...]

Beat-Machine updated – Primitive Digital Software’s iOS drum machine bought up-to-date

I think it must be some sort of unofficial 'drum app week' this week as I seem to be covering a lot of iOS drum apps on the blog.....   the latest of which is Primitive Digital Software's Beat-Machine. It's a couple of years since I last looked at this app and today's update - which takes the app up to v.1.4 - is the first update since October 2014. It does look like a useful one though as it brings a number of new features and, bar support for the AU plugin format, beings Beat-Machine … [Read more...]

SeekBeats updated – synthesis-based drum machine app gets Ableton Link tweaks

When it comes to sample-based virtual drum machine app, the iTunes App Store is pretty well stocked. However, if you are an electronic music producer who prefers the vibe provided by synthesised drum sound, there are perhaps somewhat fewer choices. There are a few notable candidates of which my personal favourites would be Elastic Drums, DM2 and Attack Drums, all of which I’ve reviewed here on the blog in the past. The new Ruismaker and Ruismaker FM app, while offering a streamlined feature set, … [Read more...]

Shapesynth update – interesting poly synth from Erik Sigth gets some tweaks

If you have been addicted to the music app category of the App Store for any length of time then you may well have your fair share of iOS synths. I’ve a folder full of them on my own iPad and, while a good number get regular use, there are still plenty I’ve fully to capitalise upon… And, it would seem, still some interesting possibilities I’ve yet to discover. One such app that I only caught up with a few months ago is Shapesynth by Erik Sigth.  While the app has been around on the App Store … [Read more...]

Ruismaker FM review – a second drum synth app in an iOS AUi plugin format from Bram Bos

It's only a couple of months since Bram Bos launched his Ruismaker iOS drum app. Ruismaker was interesting not because it featured some uber-complex and sophisticated drum programming options but perhaps because it was designed to be the opposite of that; a drum synth that was easy to program, had modest demands on the iOS hardware host and very easy to get to grips with. Oh, and it also came in an Audio Units format only. If anything, this last point was perhaps just as important as whether … [Read more...]

Duet Display update – fine-tuning for desktop screen extender app

I tend to focus here on the Music App Blog on iOS-based music production topics but, as regular readers will be aware, I also use a desktop-based music production system. In my own case, that work is predominantly built around an iMac running Steinberg’s Cubase. Of course, these two systems – iOS and OSX – are not mutually exclusive; they can be used together and I reviewed Duet Display - an interesting utility that can help make that happen - here on the blog some time ago. Duet Display … [Read more...]

Ruismaker update – compact iOS AUi drum machine plugin goes to 10

As I mentioned a couple of months ago, we now have out first AU plugin iOS drum machine/synth app; Ruismaker from developer Bram Bos. The app's synth engine actually started life within the design of an actual hardware drum synth; Ruismaker Annabella. However, as an app, Ruismaker launched as an AU-only plugin and does, therefore, require a suitable variant of iOS (v.9.0 or later is listed), suitable iOS hardware plus a suitable AU host. The app is, however, universal and, at just 10MB, it … [Read more...]

Anytune Pro update – Anystone Technologies tweak their excellent iOS music practice app

Way back in 2012, I reviewed Anytune Pro by Anystone Technologies. This is a very interesting and very useful utility app. It allows you to take any audio file on your iOS device and adjust either the playback speed or playback pitch (or both). Of course, the main application of these functions would be so you could slow a song down to more easily work out what is being played and so teach yourself how to play a particular track. For those looking to build their instrument skills – whether … [Read more...]

Quincy update – RoGame Software add tweaks to their generative music composition app

I included Quincy (currently UK£5.99/US$7.99) from RoGame Software in my iOS generative music apps roundup a while ago. Quincy is a sort of abstract ambient music generator and the app uses an underlying algorithm that is based upon the Game of Life pattern generation process. You ‘seed’ the musical idea with a graphical pattern of cells and a set of rules are then applied that dictate which cells remain alive, which die and which new cells are ‘born’. And, as the pattern changes on the … [Read more...]