KRFT review – Studio Amplify let you KRFT your own interface in their latest iOS music app

Studio Amplify have a couple of other iOS music apps in their catalogue and that I’ve looked at previously here on the blog; Jungulator and NOIZ. Both apps were perhaps aimed as much at non-musicians as those with traditional musical skills in that they allowed you to easily create musical ideas but based upon pre-existing musical content such as loops and drum samples. However, as I mentioned last week, the development team have now added a further app to their line-up; KRFT and, if you say … [Read more...]

NoLimits giveaway – 10 copies of AU format iOS limiter from DDMF to be won

A little while ago, I posted a reviews of the new(ish) 6144 EQ and Envelope Reverb iOS audio effects apps from DDMF and developer Christian Siedschlag. Both of these are very capable audio processors in their own right but, given the desire from many iOS musicians to see the AU plugin format really take hold, the fact that both are also available as AU plugins only is also of considerable interest. Both apps worked very smoothly for me when used within AU hosts such as Cubasis and … [Read more...]

Blocs Wave and Launchpad updated – Novation add excellent ‘Blocs to Launchpad’ export function

Since launched, Novation's Blocs Wave has moved forward at quite a pace. The app itself, like Novation's Launchpad, is also a loop and sample-based music creation tool...   but with some feature differences that make it distinct from the LaunchPad approach. Anyway, Novation have rapidly developed the Blocs Wave concept further and a number of updates have already appeared for the app adding new import features, Ableton Link support, new export features, the very creative Slice Mode, a song … [Read more...]

Buttercup Bitcrush update – second of the ‘flora’ iOS audio effect apps gets AU support

As I posted earlier this week, Saffron Saturator - the compact overdrive effects app withinTimothy Barraclough and Paul Mathews's 'flora' series of iOS music apps - got an overhaul with a significant update bring Audio Unit (AU) support. This whole series of apps are absolutely ideal for the AU format; each does a single, simple, job, they come with a compact set of controls and, even by iOS standards, they are available at a bargain price. The second of the series has now had the same … [Read more...]

Ops giveaway – five copies of Jonathan MacKenzie’s new iOS modular synth to be won

I make this confession regularly on the blog – I’m no great expert when it comes to synth programming – and such a confession is all the more apt when we are taking about not just programming synths but actually designing your own synth from scratch. Yes, modular synths, of which we have a good few examples available under iOS, are something that are, at any detailed level, well out of my comfort zone. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested though and I reviewed an excellent new modular synth … [Read more...]

microTERA update – VirSyn continue their round of iOS music app updates

VirSyn will be well known to most iOS musicians as they have a number of excellent apps available via the iTunes App Store. These includes some great effects apps such as AudioReverb and AudioEffX but VirSyn are probably best know for the their virtual synthesisers, both on the desktop and, over recent years, under iOS. Two of their iPad-based synths that I've reviewed previously on the blog are microTERA and Cube Synth. As I mentioned last week, Cube Synth has just been updated after a … [Read more...]

BIAS Amp update – tweaks for Positive Grid’s iOS amp designer app – and a bargain price

If you are a guitar playing iOS musician, there are lots of iOS music apps aimed very squarely at you. This includes a number of guitar rig simulation apps and I did a round up article covering the leading contenders in that field some time ago. One app that sort of fits in that category is BIAS Amp (and the separate BIAS Amp for iPhone version) from Positive Grid. I say 'sort of' because these apps are not really about your entire (virtual) guitar rig but just one component of it; the amp … [Read more...]

KRFT updated – Studio Amplify want you to get ‘sound inspired’ by their latest iOS music app

It's a sign - and a good sign - of just how active iOS music app development is that for your humble blogger/app reviewer, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with the rate at which new music apps (even just the most interesting ones) are released. KRFT, from the Studio Amplify team, is just such an app. It was released as an iPhone-only app at the start of February and, while I was aware that an friendly version was on the way (and thought I'd wait before doing my review on that version), … [Read more...]

Cube Synth updated – VirSyn ‘add’ to their additive iOS synth app

I reviewed VirSyn's interesting Cube Synth way back in October 2013 soon after it was first released. The additive synth engine undoubtedly gives it a distinct ‘voice’ when compared to many of the subtractive-based synths that dominate the virtual synth world (including iOS). On these grounds alone, many long-standing iOS synth heads probably added Cube Synth to their app collection. However, while Cube Synth saw a number of updates during the first 12 months or so after release, the most … [Read more...]